Distribution Forms

Please wait 30 business days after your date of termination to submit a request. Your worksite needs to notify your payroll company, and if you were still contributing we want to make sure that all of your contributions have been received when your account is closed.

Choose the form below that matches your Plan ID number on your statement:

  1. Multiple Fund (Plan ID starts with "S")
  2. DWS Scudder* (pdf) (Plan ID starts with "008" )
  3. John Hancock Form* (Plan ID starts with "M")
  4. Lincoln Distribution* or Lincoln Rollover* (Plan ID starts with "7" or "G")

Thinking of cashing out your 401(k)?
Read this Wall Street Journal Article, "Avoid Cashing Out Your 401(k)" first.

The ADVANTAGES of rolling funds from your 401(k) to a Traditional IRA with Slavic Investments:
  • Less anxiety. Why worry more about your retirement?
  • Tax-deferred gains
  • You can contribute up to $4000 with your new IRA (depending on salary).
  • You will not incur 20% federal withholding if your balance is under $200.
  • After your 55th birthday, you will not incur the 10% penalty for taking an early distribution, once you retire from employment. You can not contribute to your 401(k) once you have left employment. We deal with a number of fund companies including:  Fidelity Advisor, Oppenheimer, Scudder, Franklin, Mainstay, Janus, MFS, Templeton, American Funds, AIM, John Hancock and Invesco. If you would like more information on opening a traditional IRA or advice on opening an IRA with another fund company; please e-mail Jim Schoenmaker, a registered representative, at jims@slavic401k.com with your name, daytime telephone and any questions you may have.

Tax Notification Form 402(F)
This notice* contains important information you will need before you decide how to receive your benefits from the Tax Incentive Savings Plan.

*This form is in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf) and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print so that you may complete the form before submitting it to Slavic Investments.